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Episode 66 - Elvis Presley Part 1: Leaving Graceland

January 25, 2023 DIEPOD STUDIOS
Death In Entertainment
Episode 66 - Elvis Presley Part 1: Leaving Graceland
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People who were around in 1977 will always remember what they were doing when they first heard the terrible news that Elvis Presley, King of Rock and Roll, was dead at age 42.  So what caused him to leave the building so darn early? Despite selling millions of records and having millions of fans, privately, Elvis was a tortured man.  

In the months that followed his untimely death, sordid details about his last days would emerge that painted him as drug-addled recluse -- an image his team worked hard to rectify.  On this episode, go beyond the icon: from his controversial relationship with Priscilla Presley to his insane life at Graceland with the "Memphis Mafia." 

Death in Entertainment is hosted by Kyle Ploof, Mark Mulkerron and Alejandro Dowling

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People who were around in 1977 will always remember what they were doing when they first heard the terrible news. Elvis Presley died today. He was 42 Apparently it was a heart attack. How could the king of rock'n'roll be dead at age 42? You gotta be kidding. In the months that followed, sordid details about his last days painted him as a drug addled recluse an image his team worked hard to rectify. Oh, shut up. Sadly, this would not be the last tragedy for the Presley family. That's this week on death in entertainment Live from Los Angeles. 911. What is your emergency? Here in Hollywood now. 2 counts of murder, injury and death! Oh my God! Shocking new details that has stunned the entertainment world. Um, This makes me a little nervous. The hair stood up on my arms. Just like in the movies. What do you call this thing anyway? Death in entertainment! Hello, hello. Hello everybody. Oh my god. We're here and we're back episode 66 What is going on everybody? My name is Kyle Ploof. My name is Mark Mulkerron. And I'm Alejandro Dowling. And we are covering the sordid story of Mr. Elvis Aaron Presley. Yeah, I'm assuming this is a very sordid story. Is he a monster? Is he not? Yeah. Is he a victim? of fate? Yeah. And 4g, and drugs and prescription drugs and circumstance? Yeah. In circumcision. Hey, what are you circumcised? We'll see if I'll. That's a very important detail. Yeah. And we're also going to dive into the stories of his daughter and his grandson. Yeah. Very current events with the daughter. Extremely current. Yeah, is breaking news from yesterday. And today, I know I'm sure there's did they do like an autopsy? Do they, you know, I don't want to get ahead of any of your research. So we'll just leave it at that for now. And with that this episode's gonna take us to August 16 1977. Let's go using is a very apropos subject. Yes, since we're dealing with Elvis here in his passing, let's get the top three music songs at this time. Yes, we'll start with number three. Number three is Rita Coolidge. Your love has lifted me higher and higher. Is that Hi, Lauren. Hi. I assume a remake? Ah, Hi, Sharon. Hi. Yes. Was it Jackie Wilson was that does that sound because I remember they used it in Ghostbusters two when they got the statue moving and running around. Remember? I thought they played Jackie Wilson. Higher and higher. Anywho let's move on. Number two. Andy Gibb. I just want to be your everything. The Gibbs were really crushed in the late 70s future episode future episode. Yeah, Andy Gibb had an untimely and great ending for the Presley's Yeah, very much like that. I hated supermodel Victoria principal Diddy. Yeah. Wow. And then he died. Well, this is the principal song around this time number one your emotions by best know the emotions sing best in my love who I don't even know that song. The best man. Oh, whoa. You got like right in the heart of disco. Hear that from Boogie Nights actually. From the hot soundtrack of Boogie Nights right on Yeah. And for films at this time. August 16 1977. At the movies we had the biggest ones Star Wars I've heard of that one? Yeah. Is this the one with with George Fairbanks? You got to wait almost 16 years for that girl yourself by the grace of God. There was no CGI at that time. Oh yeah, he was unable to ruin Star Wars A lot of people say that it was George Lucas his wife that put a lot of that together or someone else that it oh yeah, she was the secret force behind it. Yeah, yeah, a lot of those 70s directors had a woman like that Daisy to his editor was like put together all his best movies Alma it's out her name goon maker she recently got she got an Oscar for something. recently. I think for the Irishman she got like Best Editing. They gotta cut that out. Yeah, that was trying to tell me that movie had an editor. Yeah, the only thing worse than that editing is that Oscar nod it was all just rough. Rough footage John and Peter Bogdanovich his wife was instrumental in his early hits like Last Picture Show. Yeah and the moment they stopped being together he stopped having hits really carrying his water bottle around yeah and then Dorothy stretch Yeah, that should be that's going on the shitless The Waterboy another huge movie at this time Herbie goes to Monte Carlo What the fuck is this? I didn't even know this was a thing. Is this the same Herbie that the Lindsay Lohan movie? Yeah, HERBIE. Oh, really? Oh, cuz it was like the Volkswagen. Right? The the but yeah, the bog Yeah, yeah, I go by brand but Ted Bundy car, Ted Bundy car. Yeah. I wonder if that had anything to do with Herbie going away? Because it was what the 70s and 80s at the time when Ted Bundy was doing his thing. Yeah. And then Lindsay Lohan said it was okay to use again. Yeah, all those things really happened. Another movie huge this time, the bad news bears in braking training. That's such a weird SQL type. That's another SQL title. I don't think I've ever heard. That's weird. Yeah. Very weird. And this was before they went to Japan. Ah, okay. So they really just hidden the cash register of these bad news bears movies. Yeah. Yeah. And right. And Jackie Earle Haley a lot of checks. Yeah. Before he was 18. Yeah. Before he was a pedophile and little children. Playing acting that is the name of a title of a movie. Okay. Yeah, you gotta really give some pedophile tax here for that did pretty bad Jackie hill that happen to me at the bar the other day, there's a local IPA out here called cool kids. And he's the bartender was like, What do you want? And I was like, I'll grab a couple of cool kids. And then I was like, I did not like the way that sounded. It's what's his name? Chris Harrison comes in and wants you to take Chris Hanson. Which will be making an appearance in one of our episodes sometime soon. Can't wait. Yes. teaser, juicy teaser right there. sooner than that. Yes, yes. We're going to Graceland Graceland. Yeah, well, it's Paul Simon and the good who? January 8 1935 Elvis Aaron Presley born to Vernon and Gladys. He had an identical twin brother that was stillborn, unfortunately. So there could have been another Alvis which is mind blowing to me. Yeah. And he would have went by Elvis also. Elvis to Elvis. Like Gallagher Electric Boogaloo? Yeah. They lived in a modest two bedroom house in Tupelo, Mississippi. In 1946, Elvis bought his first guitar from a hardware store. And you know how much he paid for that? 50 cents? Well, a little more. You gotta shoot. lowball guitar. eight bucks, eight bucks. Okay. But itself is not as good as 50 cents. Yeah. I don't know why everything was 50 cents before 1940. In my day, we bought guitars for 50 cents in Tupelo. Yeah, Tupelo. Yeah, it was a penny. Yeah. That's before inflation. Thanks, Biden. And before penny stocks, yeah. It is funny that he got a guitar from a hardware store. It's like oh, go get it. You bought you bought everything. It's like going to target now. You know, you get like a pack of Oreos and some khakis and the same trip? Yeah. And you eat the Oreos in the car? Yeah. Am I right? Yeah. You put on the khakis in the car. Take them off in the car. Oh, I want you to take a seat. The family relocated to Memphis when Elvis was seven years old. And he performed in the school talent show. Like Brittany Murphy. Yeah. Is this his mom pushing them into these things? Or is he like, you know? Hey, Mom, I want to do this on my own. I'm not. I don't need your push it. Okay. Is there he's already got that voice. No, he's what he does. He's Elvis already. He's performing in the womb. Oh, really? He's like calling entertaining the whole family and everything. Yeah, and clear. He's got this thing. Yeah, this town can't stop those legs moving. No he can. Came up with blue suede shoes. Yeah. Whoa, this brother came up with a blue head. Oh. That was such a wholesome like that just quickly moved into the darkest thing I've ever heard in my life. We were kind of having a nice moment. I'm disturbed. It's like an aria. Is your movie at the end of that joke? And then suddenly you imagine a blue hat. Yeah, I was like, Oh, I'm gonna reference one of his bigger hits and then No, I'm gonna say very bad thing about his dead twin brother. dead baby imagery. May be our first baby joke on trigger warning isn't our first That's surprising. That's the more shocking not that you said that. That's the first time it's been that bad. You can't swing a guitar without hitting a dead baby. That's right. She's rough down there and Tupelo. Elvis had no formal training, couldn't read music. It was all by this. His ear or his headphones in 1953, he started driving a truck. And for like a living or just you just started driving a truck. No. I drove trucks for no reason. And he went to the Memphis recording service to make a song for his mom's birthday. And a local DJ was listening. And was like, this kid's got it. Wait, is this Tom Hanks? No. Then he tipped off producer Sam Phillips, who was the head of Sun Records. Huge in the industry, especially down there. Yeah, in country. Yeah, he's like, the godfather of country music. They say that this is the birth of rock and roll because Sun Records had the song rocket 88 And that's considered the first rock and roll song. And it was recorded there that was released in like for mass appeal. Like Little Richard would would argue with you that he was the first rock star. Yeah, I think there'd be a lot of black musicians that would Yeah, absolutely. Let me rephrase this. Okay. The first rock and roll release. Oh, okay. Sure. Yeah. I thought it was a soggy bottom, boys. That's cool. You're right, though. Of course, music was going I wasn't everyone what they would call a crossover. Right? Yeah, it's when it became available to the mainstream Gotcha. In 1954. Elvis recorded a single called that's all right, Mama at Sun Studio, and it began to play on the local radio program. Red Hot and blue. listeners were enthralled. Elvis was interviewed and callers were calling in assuming he was black. They couldn't believe this kid was white. Based on the sound of his voice. This is like one of the scenes where like everyone in the town starts dancing. People on top of pickup trucks down to like Who is he soon became a regional sensation in the South. He performed on the Louisiana hayride. As so based out of Shreveport and broadcast to about 200 stations across the country. It's like the TRL down there. After overcoming nerves, Elvis came to life on stage and the wiggle was born. Yeah, they really depicted on that baz Lurman movie to the point that it's like absurd it's like giving me a panic attack. Women it's just like so many COVID Booster immediately so convulsing? Yeah. When they see is wiggle. Yeah. I'm too much to take. Yeah, yeah. A lot of women with like fans, you know, and their face and then fainting. They fall backwards. Like oh my god. I have never to declare. But I want more. I can't describe this feeling. I'm so wet. Did I read it January 1955. Enter Colonel Tom Parker, played by Tom Hanks in recent Elvis biopic he's wired, for some reason. That line I say to myself, two times a day now after seeing that movie, and he's licking his lips while he's saying it like that boy is why. It's so weird. It's like a horror movie the way Tom Hanks is playing black music without black people. seems to be saying yeah, he sees dollar signs. Yeah. The Colonel became Elvis, his manager after previous manager Bob Neill couldn't. He was too local. He's too small, small potatoes Exactly. struggled to keep up with the demands of the rising superstar. Yeah. The colonel was an enigmatic figure who was born in the Netherlands, but never disclosed that to anyone. Yeah. And apparently he had emigrated to the States illegally. Yeah. Because he was in a jam or something back In the Netherlands or something he like I think he was a deserter of his own like army or something. But it's so ballsy to come over and call yourself the colonel. Yeah. And it works. Come back. Yeah, it did work out because this is like the days Don Draper was lying to everyone. No one. Like there's no Equifax to like, double check your background, right or anything? Yeah, a lot of confidence goes a long way. Yeah. And just lying to people, especially in the South. It's like, really, you know, you can't check references for a guy like Colonel Parker, and good at what he did. It's hard to imagine, but there really wasn't rock and roll music yet. But he was able to scale what Elvis was doing, and get him to bigger and bigger venues. And yeah, his previous clients included Hank Snow and Eddie Arnold. And I know everyone in the audience is thinking, Who the hell are they the kids listening to? Doesn't matter in this story. Yeah. Parker helped negotiate a deal to sell Elvis his son's studio contract to RCA. They must have had to pay a good amount of money to Sam Phillips in order to get him off of that contract. Yeah, they did. But that money actually helped son studio and other artists who would later come up there include Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis, it was it Johnny Cash or was he not involved in that kind of? Oh, Johnny Cash to Johnny Cash two. Yeah. So that's a pretty good roster. Yeah. pedos Yeah. We wouldn't have Jerry Lee Lewis, you know, marrying his 13 year old cousin, and also questionably with the wives and stuff who passed away. Future episode don't want to get ahead of it. Yeah. lose one DNA test. Yeah. It was one gain another Sure. Yeah. Elvis for Jerry. Well, down south. Did they do DNA to DNA test to make sure that their cousin Yeah. Oh, thank God, we're related. I was scared that I was shaking. Like I got that. COVID Bucha. Mackenzie Phillips is like I know what you mean. Southern now. You know why she's Oh, yeah. I think we all know 1956. big year for Alvis. First RCA single Heartbreak Hotel. So the million copies. That's a million people rocking out to it. I went through a huge phaser hits like a year ago, I watched that video, the Heartbreak Hotel and like all that, you know, stuff he was doing. It's great. He's great. Yeah, such a dynamic performer and I don't care what anybody says. Those are some of the greatest songs ever recorded. Yeah, they are ear worms. But good ones, like you want them in your head. They're just very catchy and you just can't get them out of your head. And if one becomes annoying, and you can't get rid of it, just put on another one, and the mat will take his play. Yeah. And so on and so on. His first album was called Elvis Presley. pretty creative. hit number one on the pop chart, Billboard Pop chart features a cover of blue suede shoes, originally recorded by Carl Perkins. And you know, that's a black artist. I did I actually did not know that. I didn't know really. I thought I knew some studios, but I didn't thought it was why I thought it was to Elvis's credit, though, I have to say that this was common practice back in the day. Yeah, artists would record a million versions of all these songs in every genre to like everyone who just rerecord like Frank Sinatra played everyone songs and you know, Bing Crosby and all these people. So I really don't believe that he was stealing the music. No, it's just the way it was. Yeah. Elvis also covered Hound Dog, originally performed by Big Mama Thornton in 1953. And all shook up originally performed by David Hess in 1956. It kind of crazy that to think that hound dog was someone else's song first, famously, someone else's song. Yeah. Because everyone associate these songs with him. Yeah, forward after record. Yeah, later in his career. Other covers include suspicious minds and burning love, great songs. Back to the 50s though. 1956 Elvis had three appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show that broke ratings records. And he made a controversial appearance on the Milton Berle show, Uncle Miltie and B baby, where he set his guitar aside and swung his hips, gyrating to the music. Driving the audience is as wild as that maybe Milty or Milton Berle uncle Miltie. Yeah. So this was very scandalous religious viewers. were outraged. And this led to an infamous appearance on the Steve Allen show later that summer where he cheese Aliy saying hound dog to an actual basset hound. Yeah, because they didn't want to see his hips. I remember that he felt well in the movie. I'm going by the movie. This probably is maybe inaccurate, but he felt embarrassed by doing that. He was in real life. Yeah, because it just wasn't him. It was a corny segment. It was a way to not have to show his like hips gyrating, thrusting and like, fucking air. Yeah, and it seems odd in retrospect, to try to tone down someone like Elvis Presley because that's his whole thing that's not popular was that that onstage performance? It's like, let the man do his thing. Yeah. His first movie was released that year in November called Love Me Tender. And I bet you can guess what song was in it. Love be tender. Yeah, yeah maybe that was the besides baby had dead baby baby you ain't know the other big heads during this time. Don't be cruel. Teddy Bear and Jailhouse Rock. That's gotta be as big as ear where my think Jailhouse Rock. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I like to sing in that everyone just like throws each other. It's like they're not really depicting prison correctly. Not even close. Not even close. Especially down so ain't exactly the Shawshank Redemption. Yeah. In 1957. Elvis bought a 14 acre 10,000 square foot mansion in Memphis for $100,000. Located at 3764 highway 51 South later changed to Elvis Presley Boulevard. I heard Graceland isn't a bad neighborhood down there. It's very weird. It's down there. Yeah, I was. I stood outside the gate. You could see the house but it is it's just on like, there's like strip malls and shit. Across the street. Oh, really? Oh, weird. Yeah, it's the commercial area. Very green, like trees, and it's beautiful. And then across the street is like, yeah, don't think don't they do that sometimes, though. Where they'll have a famous landmark in a shitty area. Yeah, but all the strip mall stuff they were like, converted into. It's like the Elvis Presley like T shirt shops. memorabilia. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, you can buy it with Elvis bucks or something. Like Dollywood? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I've never been to Dollywood. It sounds like it'd be a lot of fun. Yeah, we should do I heard it some better because I don't they actually have like, like roller coasters. Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's the real deal. Yeah, that's all they have it. Graceland is just memories of him being a pedophile. Okay. Are you able to insert like a robbery can shoot the TV off with a gun? Probably. That's what I want to do. Yeah. I want to do a bunch of barbituates. And I wanted to do that while watching that biopic. Yeah, no. That's the best way to watch that movie on the toilet. The nickname Graceland came from the original builders, Thomas Moore and his wife Ruth, named after her Aunt Grace, who originally owned the land. Oh, wow. That's what they do it down there. 1958 At the height of his growing international stardom, and controversy over his in moralistic stage persona, Elvis was drafted into the army. Cool. And the colonel urged him to go because it would wire his image. It was like a negotiation. They knew he wasn't going to see any action there. Like they want to Yeah, protect his image. And they didn't want to be a draft dodging situation, because Korea was bad. Like Korea was like the Vietnam of the 50s. Kind of no one will really want to get involved in that too hard. And that's what mass was about the Korean War. Yeah, it was right. Yeah, that's true. Yeah, it was in Vietnam, not Vietnam. So it seemed like a hoot that a one liners. Alan Alda is there. Come on, I'm going Yeah. Robert Altman directed the war. People don't know that. Sadly, Elvis his mom, Gladys died months later on August 14 1958. Whoa, I remember that day. eighth August 14, August 14 The day before my birthday and then August 16. He does the day after my birthday. Look at this. That's what I was thinking. It's all about me. Yeah. Gladys had become an alcoholic and depressed she wasn't coping too well with the new lifestyle. All the money coming in. Yeah. And also Elvis being shipped out like that. It was traumatic for her. Well, she also I heard this recently she had a dodgy heart. And I think a lot of people in that family do have bad hearts, because there's a legend that they are inbred. The Elvis Presley family are inbred from cousins and stuff, which is, like I said, if you're not a cousin, you know, make sure. Yeah, you ain't nothing but a not purebred. inbred house. You ain't know the button. And have you seen the YouTube video about the Appalachian family called the Whitaker's inbred family where they bark instead of talk? Oh, come on. Yes. No, they're like, Hey, how you doing today? And then the guys like this. It's just like a Ken Burns documentary. And I was just thinking, how some inbred families could turn out like that. And then you get fucking Elvis Presley. Yeah. To the spectrum. And then you get like, the most talented, you know, rock star in the world ever. Yeah. Who kind of created, you know, rock stars? Allegedly? What we don't know they're inbred for sure. Yeah. Well, that's that's what people say. And that's that's a reason why they say there's, you know, there's bad genes there. I didn't say it. Yeah. Okay. Elvis was devastated by his mom's passing. After training in Texas. He was posted in Germany in September 1959. He seemed to get over it. No, I don't know. Why. How did he get over it? Yeah. How did this happen? What are you talking about? He met 14 year old Priscilla and Boo Yair when she came to one of his parties and bad Nauheim Wait, what are you trying to say? Is this a city? It is in Germany. It's a city. We're running a second. He just had a 14 year old delivered to him in Germany on a on a Air Force Base. Yeah, yeah. What? How would you pronounce that word, Kyle. Now Hi. Um, uh, yeah, there you go. Priscilla was originally born in Brooklyn, New York. Her dad died early on. Makes sense. He was in the army. Why you would go after an older man. His daddy issues his alright. He was a pilot and his plane went down on the way home really. And her stepdad was a Navy officer. So her family moved from base to base. Oh, okay. So she wasn't she wasn't like I thought she was like a fan that was delivered to mom like a 747 or something. So she was the girl with a dead dad that got delivered to him. Very different, but she was on the military base. That's why they were transferred to bad now I'm gonna haunt you until you die. I'm looking at the age of consent in Germany. i It's 13 It's whatever you want it to be. It's 14. Well, so Elvis was in the right. I guess it's not illegal really? 1414 Wow. Wow. That is young. Potty if you want to potty. Greenlight says go Mr. Presley's Jesus. Elvis was 24 at the time, and he was instantly smitten with the ninth grader. Oh, the ninth grader hit us with that sentence one more time. Don't feel like this thing on every turn home late, upsetting her parents but Alvis. Apologize to them and convince them to let them keep seeing her. I was literally plugging your daughter who? On paper. It's okay for me to do. You see that age of consent? They spend? She's like wait a second. You're not related. I'm gonna one up. Yeah. I'm gonna be related to the little girl. I want to one up. Yeah, I'm gonna get younger. It's cooler. They spent a lot of time together until his departure in 1960. They kept in touch by phone. Priscilla kept in touch by genitals. Okay, no, they didn't actually. There's I'm gonna get to that. Priscilla visited him for two weeks in the summer. of 1962. And during this trip, although Elvis said they were just going to stay in Los Angeles, where he was living, yeah, he took her to Las Vegas. And during this stage just to keep up with them Priscilla would take amphetamines and sleeping pills. Because Elvis was nocturnal. Yeah. And he had a fast lifestyle. And he just would never stop. You know, from night and day just kept going. Yeah. Wait, so we're putting it on Priscilla. But she was like, she's being fed these pills and the underage girl was wandering Las Vegas. But, you know, she, you know, had to step up her day. Yeah, so she took some. That's how she put it. Oh, yeah, that's all she had to put in. My opinion. Yeah. Keeping. I shouldn't have been in the same zip code. In 1963, Priscilla's parents allowed her to move to Memphis because Elvis was in Memphis as well, obviously because he bought Graceland. Sure he was in LA because he was also a movie star. Yeah, he was all over the place. Elvis made an agreement that Priscilla would live in a separate house nearby under the supervision of Elvis, his dad Vernon and his stepmother. D I don't believe any of this. Until Priscilla graduated high school that come in June. Oh my god. Yeah, we got control of our adult millionaire son pays our bills. Yeah, who lives in a gated mansion like 200 yards from a gate? Who takes 3000 milligrams of speed per day. There are some stories that say that she was staying with them at the time anyway. Yes, yeah, of course. As their relationship progressed, Elvis would make her stay at Graceland. While he went off to Hollywood to film movies. Priscilla remained a virgin while he went and had multiple affairs with the likes of Anne Margaret, his co star and Viva Las Vegas. I was gonna say rock Vegas. Stephen Baldwin and Halle Berry. She was in the first one. Oh, okay. Nevermind the secretary Sharon Stone. Yeah. Oh, god. Okay, so Viva Las Vegas. That is confirmed by Anne Margaret. They had an affair. Yeah, but I don't think I believe he had the affair. But I think whether or not she remained a virgin is to be seen. They were I don't know if you're gonna get into it. But the Polaroids that were found, while Priscilla naked and underage I don't remember. Yeah. And there's lady Allen's apartment. I have a picture. And he's like, I promised I'd never touched her. It was just pictures. Okay. I didn't touch her till she was legal. And it's okay. But that actually maybe supports their weird arrangement. I think that was part of the foreplay. Not actually touching each other. And he would they would take those erotic photos. I believe Priscilla in this she has no reason to lie about this time she's covering for her bank account. What? Yeah, no, but it's I think it sounds weirder that they didn't get together because by this point, she's already at No, but I think what Kyle is trying to say it would hurt the brand. It would hurt everything else is if it came out that he was a legitimate pedophile knowing but she's 18 By now remember, there was a couple year break? No, but I don't know people. I'm not justifying. The 14 people would do the math and be like, yeah, it's no, but she was 18 when she moved to Graceland. Yeah. But I think in high school, you know how you're at in your final year. I see applications down better before she was at anything was going on and who the hell don't forget you said he was smitten with a ninth grader. So you didn't particularly put in that ninth grader on purpose. I feel that was a good lie. Yeah. Elvis denied the affairs to Priscilla gaslighting her. In her 1985 memoir, Elvis and me. She wrote that he didn't seem to be that sexually into her. They would engage in padding and have makeout sessions, but he would stop before it got to the point of having sex. I'm gonna put you look. They did not consummate their relationship until they got married in Las Vegas on May first 1967. Summer love baby. That's the correct summary. Yeah. Lisa Marie was born nine months to the day on February 1 1968. This is the biggest PR spin I've ever heard. One time she got pregnant. is reading Colonel Tom Parker is talking points. He's getting paid by the PR team. Yeah, like as it's accurate information. Lisa Marie's Immaculate Conception Yeah, exactly the couple have played miniature golf instead of having sex, you know, three times. Well hear me out. I just think that it sounds weird or if they didn't have sex before, then it makes him sound like an a controlling asshole for which he was to her. Yeah, I think it would sound better if he took her to Hollywood once in a while. If they had sex. This makes him sound like a fucking creep. Like he was just like growing this future wife of his job, but he was a creep with when it came to her. Yes, they conceived Lisa Marie, but he very much viewed Priscilla, like a younger sister. Really? Yeah, he just she took naked pictures. Oh, yeah. That's why she said he wasn't that into her like that, because he viewed her as this virgin. And furthermore, when she had the baby, all the more reason not to corrupt her with his sexual maybe that's a separate thing. have like a young wife, girlfriend or whatever. Yeah, you play around on the side? Well, it's just like an older guy thing. It's like it's an easier way to be able to control somebody mentally and physically. It's like, they look up to you, and you have all the power in the relationship so you can do whatever the hell you want. Yeah, you stay here, baby. I'm gonna go make some movies. He's a mixed up guy. Well, I think we can say that. And that probably that's what it was going on. Yeah, he's a superstar. Yeah. Elvis here. Where's that coming from? Is that still going on? Hello. That was weird. Yeah, he's like, Hey, I'm in the phone, man. Keeping that in the podcast. Yeah. Definitely. I mean, your iPhone 14 Man. Oh. By 1968 Elvis's daily routine included taking plus Citadelle pills. I'm sure he had him when one big bowl uppers downers, you know? And that was it. So he took the plus Citadel pills to get to sleep, and then DEXA dren to wake up, and his day would start at 4pm. And we have a little clip from Larry King. Now Priscilla talking about Elvis. He's bilious. Do you remember the first boy you ever kissed? How could I forget the whole world knows. Elvis Presley. I was only 14 Larry. I wasn't but now they kiss at night. Well that was that that Oh, but back then. If he kissing on now they kiss it nine progressed since then. Because I've been out there in the trenches. I put up my my kid suspenders and I go out there. See what's going on the kids. I say how old are you kids get to know. You better be non veteran and you better be related. So when Elvis had returned from Germany, he had a more clean cut image. And his first movie was gi blues, and his first new singer was stuck on you. Which hit number one in March 1960 Directed by the Farrelly brothers that's a classic right? Not quite as memorable was Something About Mary Yeah, this was followed by you lonesome tonight. And it's now a never which was retooled from the Italian song. Oh, solo meal. Oh, solo meal. And there is no tomorrow by Tony Martin. Okay, and do you remember what that song is from now? He performed it at the roast of Lucy and Desi Arnaz ah, mark your carcass died? Wait, Elvis was there to Tony. Tomorrow there's no tomorrow just making a link to the die universe but apparently that's the song that Elvis fashion it's now or never from? There's no tomorrow. Anyway, well, he stole it. Yeah, I can steal from Italians too. Yeah, I'm gonna fashion and I'm gonna steal your song and you'll know I'm gonna kiss her nine years later King says okay. Over the next half a decade Elvis would star in profitable yet mediocre low budget studio movies and often have hit records that would coincide with their release such as can't help falling in love from the movie Blue Hawaii and return to sender from girls girls girls. He was like the Will Smith of his days. You know he do the song when he was punching comedians. Oh, yeah. No, it was like Wild Wild West. He's got the album that goes along with the movie and yeah, yeah, he was a forest he will just slap Chris Rock if he was there. Yeah, here come the man. Not a black hole. Oh, okay, man. I'm still in there why? whose wide by the end of the 1960s the hits stopped common. And people did not know he started coming. Priscilla Oh, boy. Marriage. Okay. All right. We at the ceremony and people stopped going to his movies, his crappy movies movies regard Yeah, they were never really were they were crap and basically the Beatles left Alvis in their wake. Yeah, pop landscape had changed. Elvis did a comeback special for NBC filmed in Burbank, in June 1968. It was his first live performance in seven years. Wow. It was originally planned as a Christmas special. And he ended the special with the song if I can dream, which was based on Martin Luther King who had been assassinated earlier that year. Oh, well, so Elvis was getting political. Yeah, he was like the bottom of his day. And he's like, I'm not gonna just be some cheesy pop star. Yeah. You know, like he was in those movies. Yeah. And he had started to lose sight of the songs he wanted to record. He wanted to get back to the roots. The songs that really made him happy and so he was fine. He found himself again that was the one where he wore all leather right and he and he has in the background the Elvis neon sign. Oh, wow. I guess so lonely? I'll get done. Sure. Adam don't know I know he's saying that song and he did like an A it was like an early unplugged version of some of his songs. He said that in the bathroom on his last day to write unplugged. I get so lonely. As I'm pushing and I'm one clue include. The special was a massive ratings hit in November 1968 42% of the television audience was watching it. I thought you're gonna save 42% on Rotten Tomatoes. And it spawned a successful soundtrack album sparked Elvis his later career comeback. Yeah, he returned to Memphis for the first time in years to record his 10th studio album. And one of the singles from that was in the get to a social message song about the vicious cycle of poverty and violence. So this is quite a ways from teddy bear. Yeah, well, I think he had two new producers he was working with that were like kind of trying to put his career back on track and make it more relevant. Yeah. Because it wasn't working anymore. Anyway, doing it the other way. Yeah, he was just doing bad crooner songs that were like good for Vegas and like for people that were half dead anyway. Yeah, he was not. He was not hip to anyone. But he still had with him. That cool thing that he just wasn't tapping into anymore. And Colonel Parker was, he didn't care. You know, he wanted Elvis to be the most uncool person in the world as long as he was able to hang out in Vegas as much as he could. Yeah, Parker movie portrays anyway, he just wanted to sell merchandise and yeah, the train rolling barely. It. There's a line in the movie where he's like, you went and took Hollywood's money good for you. Yeah, it's like, okay, but you're not gonna be remembered in history for that. I know. I think people were. But Elvis came was coming up at a time that you really have to cultivate your stardom and stuff. And the Beatles dealt with that, too, you know, because yeah, they were getting too big. They couldn't even talk anymore. And they were just becoming some weird commodity that was just getting away from them. Same thing with Bob Dylan. And you just had to like at some point, snap and just rein it all back in. Yep. And another song from those sessions in Memphis was suspicious minds. One of his signature songs reached number three on the charts. Yeah. And he began touring again, setting attendance records, but not in Europe, though, right? He never toured in Europe. Well, we know why. But well, the movie really just puts the spotlight on Colonel Parker which is a reason why they didn't go there because of his legal troubles back there. Right. Yeah. And you know, maybe it was for the best for Elvis I don't know. Not well, he though the movie makes it seem like that would have saved his life in his career. If you went if he just did Europe tour, I don't know. Well, he was huge in Europe and Japan, Japan worldwide. He could have gone any of those places around the entire world. He was huge everywhere in the on the globe. I'm just thinking as his health deteriorated. Yeah, maybe all that overseas traveling might have been trade, but but rather than being stuck in Vegas in like, you know, it's doing Oh, he was going downhill. I go to Vegas, two days. I feel like I'm dying. Like you know If you stay there too long you wind up a disaster. Yeah, that's what happened to Elvis. I think, you know, the hits were drying up. He had a little resurgence there. But in the 70s, he only had three songs that charted, and one of them was burning love. Yeah. So his money maker was touring. So yeah, you make a good point. If he had gone overseas, he probably could have made a lot more money. And it was easier to travel at that time. Like now if you tore like You're like breaking even sometimes. Then you could like stretch out on the airplane smoke a cigarette? Oh, yeah, have lounges. In 1970, the documentary that's the way it is hit theaters. And this is where he debuted the white jumpsuit and Cape pool, which became the beginning of the great documentary, by the way, there's a scene where he's going through, you know, talking to other backup singers and musicians. And he's really specific about what he wants each person to do during the song. Yeah, it just shows the genius as a performer. He didn't just phone it in. He's like, Okay, I want you to come in a little later there. And then I want you to do the bow. Yeah, you know, yeah. Yeah. He wasn't very articulate in that, like, as far as the musicality of things, but he knew, like, the general sense of what he wanted from people. Yeah. After treating him for what's called saddle pain, which is what it sounds like, where it sounds like you You are a horse to like, basically, in that groin area you're having some issues bola get or some a man named Dr. George Constantine Nicopolis came onto the scene. Legitimate Doctor affectionately known as Dr. Nick. Everybody that was based on that was that character Wow among other things, but yeah, I've clearly then named Dr. Nick Yeah but Sir documentary how that very bad. He's a quack doctor. Yeah, hear about Dr. Neck. So this guy became Alvis. His full time doctor after that. Oh, I got another category for the city's worst doctor. Dr. Nick Dr. sebi. Yeah. Dr. Carson, whatever the Michael Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray. Yeah, Colorado bar. Yeah. future episode. Yes. In 1973 Priscilla and Alvis divorce. She's had enough now that she's too old for what she had to deal with for that to be enough like she musta got really bad real cold. Yeah, well, he they weren't doing it anyway. Yeah. So by the time that the smoke clears it she's probably like, what am I doing here? Yeah, super cold. He's shooting the t hold on his brother. Yikes. House is waiting for any put on the gas. Pepper that into the I got Shepard talking about that old lady. And the Johnny Lewis episode. Yeah, the problem is you got to just keep hitting. Triple down. Yeah. Yeah, so you're on cancelable. Trump, you overdo it. And you trick people into thinking what you're saying is okay, yeah, I'm offended that you're offended. Yeah, he's gaslighting us and all the listen like Elvis like Elvis. Yeah. Yeah, you guys are my Priscilla's takes one to know one right? Yeah. gaslighter that is alright. 1973 Oh, I already said that. So that same year 1973 his TV special Aloha from Hawaii via satellite this is when it's getting really bad. Yeah, it's broadcast to 40 countries and seen by about a billion people worldwide in the movies have 1.5 billion even more than that. So is that because it was like pay per view? Wasn't it? So people had to order it? Is that true? Wait no, I don't think so. Really? I think it was just broadcast Oh, you had to have cables and they didn't have pay per view then you Yeah, I don't know they didn't have Howard Stern New Year's rather he got up Patreon or Napster pay per view. What does that so out of the question yes pay per views what happened in the 80s Okay Right. Table happened in the AIDS not too far. It was sold as a package with UFC. Conor McGregor fighting So Kyle so on. First pay per view ever 1983 not too far away. Okay. Decade. He's so proudly just said I'm wrong. Prove that point. It's so crazy. Now. 10 years is a long time. So I was gonna say if it was pay per view and you got 1.5 billion downloads or pay pays you. You just you, you finish. You don't have to go on tour ever again. Yeah, like you're done. He acts like 10 years is no time. The difference between when he first met Priscilla and she was a fetus 2003 was yesterday. The US was involved. All right, you're, you're right. Let's move on. Same thing as pay per view. Same thing, except no one paid. Yeah, they just viewed Yeah, okay, so Alvarez performed 168 concerts in 1973. Alone. He started to complain of vertigo, back pain, insomnia, headaches and eye infections. He overdosed on barbiturates twice, resulting in a three day coma. He was hospitalized again in 1975 A month after he became lethargic and distraught after turning 40 on January 8. Wow. I guess 40 was a big deal back then. Priscilla said it's a big deal for his family because his mom died or like what 42 or something his mom died not too far after. In a lot of people in the aisle go back to this that a lot. They had a lot of heart problems and they didn't live long past 40 in that family and the president failing and back then 40 was like 80 Yeah, well, that's a little ridiculous, but Yeah, but you're right, like people didn't live as long. Good to go back to the Flintstones. There's a line where Fred is like, my old man lived to the ripe old age of 35. Throughout the rest of the year 1975 Get this. Elvis refused to bathe, because he felt something bad could happen if he slipped in the shower. Or he could drown in the bath. Why didn't you just get one of those sink with the grips on? Just kind of turn on paper view No, no way do surgery to make him an amphibian? Also, you're a multimillionaire. You could just get someone to put a bar in the shower. Just hold on to it like yeah, there's many things you can do. Somewhere in the shower. That's really you really get a chair in the shower your bed wash myself with a rag. said Yeah, fantasize about being fat. Oh, cool. Like yeah, like what do you fantasize him being the worst version of his older? Yeah. You're right though Elvis could hire someone to give him a sponge bath even when he wasn't in his well, he had the Memphis mafia those kind of crew guys. Okay, yeah, sorry. No, but hey, let's bring him in right now. Boy. Come on down Memphis mafia nickname given to his entourage. Yeah, he's II and turtle and Johnny drama. Where the Memphis mafia Yeah. Goes without saying that Elvis develop sores all over his body. Today not bathing thing. She Am I Jesus, he must have smelled really bad. Oh, he just wore that that one piece all over the place everywhere. He's like, Where did I leave my jock strap? Yeah, you hand that to me. The assistant died. Yeah. Elvis was offered a role in the movie A Star Is Born, which would have been opposite Barbra Streisand. He the Kris Kristofferson part. Yeah, that's what Christofferson went on to play his part. Obviously, this never happened to because the colonel was doing the negotiating and was outrageous. Yeah, with the demands. He's probably like Simon Monjack, where he is like, I gotta be there the entire time. I gotta be breathing over Elvis. over every moment. And yeah, and when you think about it, how brilliant. Would Elvis have been in a star is born? It seems like that's the role. Oh, at that point in his life, the role, you know, took in knowing what happens later. Yes. They if he could have gotten that in that would have been his legacy as a movie star. Yeah. Was he an actor at that level, though? That could pull off that role he could just offer isn't it? Because he was close to that role? Close? Yeah, very close to that role. So that's why I think he could have gave a great performance as a washed up. I think he could have Rockstar. Absolutely. What do you think? Who may I add those out there? No. Bradley Cooper, but he's something Yeah, well, Bradley Cooper had to put on that weird voice Elvis already have that voice. They also raise all the people that talk like that, like Austin Butler in the bow pig dogs like yeah, he can't stop talking. I'd like to thank the Hollywood foreign press. Yeah, remember the q&a after like, why he talked about that now? I would tell her what like what Weren't you weren't a collodion a few minutes ago? Talk like what he's doing. Sounded like an American kid. Yeah. Or not American. He was like, like the South as an American. He was, you know what I mean? He didn't have an accent but he was on Disney multicam shows before this and he's like, Austin baller meaning Yes, yeah. Where were we? Elvis had plastic surgery on his eyes to remove the wrinkles. How's that? Likes? The crow's feet? Gotta go. Yeah. Was he putting like cocaine in his eyes? Like why is I don't know he had a bit of vanity still. Okay. Was he living like a king? I don't know. His spending was certainly out of control manager Tom Parker. The Colonel reportedly took 50% on every dollar Elvis earned. That's crazy. Although his dad Vernon was his financial advisor. Nothing could stop Elvis from buying expensive things including jewelry, classic luxury cars. yachts, a private jet named after his daughter, the Lisa Marie. Yeah, it was called pricey allowances for friends and family and the Memphis mafia. He gave out cars like they were candy I guess. Like Oprah. You get a card you could use like MC Hammer But like every day of his life, yeah. He makes me actually had money if he had money, I guess. Yeah. And tal. Wow, no, I have taken some hotshot to ask him Amory Addams Family wrap love it. They do what they want to do say what they want. Family route. According to The Guardian, one morning, he bought 32 Cadillacs. And by afternoon, all of them had been given away. Wow, he lives like the movie blank check. Like, like, every second of his life, but that's a good feeling. But it's like, like Michael Jackson was the same way. I know. We're gonna talk about this at some point on one of these podcasts but like the same thing was going on taught like working way too much to pay someone to death. Yeah. To you know, deal with your spending problems. And Dr. Conrad Murray and Dr. Conrad Murray was brought in in order to give this guy you know, drugs that would kill him eventually. I'll wait till you hear about Dr. Nick. Okay. Neverhood speaking of blank check, you know how in the movie that goodbyes all the latest cool gadgets? Yeah. Like he has like the virtual reality thing. The headset? Yeah. Well, Elvis was like that. He loved buying everything new and cool. For instance, he had one of the first VCRs on the market. And he just always wanted the latest technology. So he would have really liked HD I think, yeah. You know what I mean? I like if we come away from anything from this, I love HD Yeah. As much as he likes young. Yeah. Okay. My ninth grader would love this. This resolution on this TV, right. You see the illusion on my soul? We would have gotten along with Bob crane. Yeah, I think he would have harpy maybe would have hooked him up with the latest equipment but Elvis thing and smashed him over the head with it. Elvis I think was more drugged But Elvis would have survived somehow. He's immortal until he just they when they wake up the next morning after they thought they killed him. Hey, what did we do? We killed you. He's got the tripod in his head. Let's set the tables after we get some pancakes. All right. So with all this spending, that also included hundreds of 1000s of dollars worth of prescription drugs. And they were legal. So he didn't feel like he was a junkie. Everything's legal if you have enough money. Yeah. In late 1976 Elvis began dating 20 year old former beauty queen ginger Alden after a bad breakup with former girlfriend Linda Thompson. So he's got a new young chick with them. I love how she's 20 and she's a former beauty queen. Well, 14 was a long time ago on the way down the middle lane, Swanee. The Memphis mafia didn't trust her. God, like, we'd hate to see that. Yeah, the Memphis mafia they thought she might be after his money. By this time, Elvis was a shell of his former self paranoid severely overweight and addicted to daily pharmaceuticals. A recording session at Graceland in November 1976 Didn't work out So they decided to book another session at buzz caissons creative workshop in Nashville in January 1977. So like it didn't work out here in Memphis, it might help to change the scenery and go to Nashville. Well, Elvis wasn't feeling well, and he couldn't make the new date. So all the session musicians were sent home. What was really happening behind the scenes was he and ginger were fighting and she didn't want to go with him to Nashville. So we made up a story that he had a sore throat. I mean, this is childhood stuff. Yeah. Well, he seems like he never talked about Gen Xer. Yeah, exactly. He never grew up past the age of one he started becoming famous. I heard that's a big thing with famous people. You never really mature path the age you start getting famous. That's one time. Yeah, that's like, beaver is actually okay. These days. I feel like but a lot of Charles Charles are really married to a Baldwin though. Yeah. Like Baldwin? Baldwin. Hello, my wife on Instagram. I did not pull the trigger. I'd like to leave the Splenda packet to Ireland. My daughter Europe pig, but what was I trying to say that? I think you were saying that he's still a kid. Yeah, their maturity. I think that's what happens you kind of have Arrested Development and you just are never not that kind of age. And let's face it a bunch of Yes. People agreeing to every crazy idea and demand that the Memphis mafia are scared of this ginger take all the money. Meanwhile, Tom Parker is literally taking all of his money. Yeah, if they knew nothing about it, he wasn't as much in the picture at this point, besides just collecting checks and making sure that Elvis kept touring. Yeah, that was the Cardinals big thing. He was also around before the Memphis mafia too. So it's like, yeah, exactly. Data. You're less worried the board have discovered him. Yeah, yeah. So that's how it works with some of these like famous people, like whoever's there first. You know, you you have the golden goose ticket here. Yeah. But in other scenarios, they send that person on their way. Yeah, exactly. The next person's like I can. It's like Wayne's World, too. When Christopher Watkins like, hey, come with us. Yeah, leave these losers. A bitter, bigger, better deal for you. You know, you can be wooed away from other people that are more important to you sometimes. Yeah, but I wouldn't have the Memphis mafia were more important than anything. No, or to Colonel Parker. They're all scumbags. And if someone gives you a Cadillac, are you really going to criticize his lifestyle? So those in the inner circle of the Memphis mafia believed the Elvis was more in love with ginger than she was with him. But she did seem to lift him up, even helping him perform a pretty good New Year's Eve show in Pittsburgh. Okay. So, New Year's in Pittsburgh. This is the most important show of my life right now. This is New Year's in Pittsburgh. If I can't go to Japan, I'm going to Pittsburgh. Elvis proposed to ginger on January 26 1977. He was very much into astrology like left eye. And he explained that two plus six added up to eight and eight was his number. This is like bad gambler logic. Yeah, it's just nonsense. There was a mini 10 day tour in February 1977. And ginger joined him there. In March 1977. He planned a Hawaiian getaway with her, but it soon turned into a party of 30 people also like left I think she went to like Honduras Honduras. Yeah, well, that's like bipolar people. They just like you know, when they're on their, their the high end of the spectrum. They're going crazy. Bringing all these people around them. Yeah. How you doing? Keep it moving? Yeah. But they left after 10 days because Elvis got sand in his eye. And Dr. Nick thought that his cornea might be scratched, so they returned to Graceland. Hey, man, I went no glasses. Okay, Doctor Nick. After briefly cleaning up his act, Elvis has helped quickly deteriorated. He had glaucoma hypertension. After concerts, his blood pressure would shoot up to 200 He had a twisted colon, high blood sugar. He would get bruises on his legs. Larry Galor, his hairstylist and David Stanley, one of his stepbrothers noticed that on one occasion, Elvis had fallen asleep in the middle of a meal and they put him to bed and he had no memory of any of that the next day. What he sounds like heart disease and diabetes is just ravaging him but he's not getting an actual diagnosis on anything. Yeah, it he's like yeah, it has all these Yes, men that like well, what do you want it to be? Obviously your kills his cousin Billy Smith was one of his closest confidants and so was Billy's wife Joe, she would put him to bed Add because Elvis liked the whole sendoff at bedtime. She would read him a story tuck him in. Like he is a little cheat. I'm like, yeah, he's like, Yeah, treating them like Priscilla. Yeah. Oh my god. Another night Elvis was wandering around and was led into his cousin Bailey Smith's room. Elvis proceeded to climb into bed with him and his wife, Joe. He told them about a dream where he saw the face of God as a white light. And in the middle of talking about an hour later, he suddenly zonked out and fell asleep. Sheezus. So what do we do this big maniac? Yeah, yeah. Imagine this big sweaty guy talking himself. Another one. never believed the dream I had. He's kind of capon in bed still. Yeah. Okay, Alvis. What was the dream? Yeah, you're sitting in your Cadillac? Well, it's a group of 30 people that follow him around. Yeah. And again, we've been through this with River Phoenix and host of others. It's a lot of people on the payroll. Yeah. And that can be very stressful, unhealthy, unhealthy for everyone. Another time he called his friend Jerry Schilling saying he needed help because he was on the floor and he couldn't get up a concert review of his show in Alexandria, Louisiana. The person wrote he was on stage less than than our impossible to understand. And quote, other days he forgot lyrics and he would start and stop songs. One time he changed the lyrics accidentally to was men know when it's time to go. Cryptic ad libbing at that point, you just Milli Vanilli and just hit the CD and let him run around. Plug his mic and that's it. Yeah. Ashley Simpson. Yeah. One day. A show in Baton Rouge was cancelled because Elvis was in bad condition. completely worn out. Larry Geller is hairdresser remember, recalls the during a concert stop in Kentucky. Elvis was in very bad shape. Dr. Nick was tending to him in the hotel room, and he was almost comatose. He was holding Alvis his head and ducking it into ice water, Jesus. Then the colonel burst into the room and told Larry, the only thing that's important is that man is on stage tonight. Nothing else matters. He just burst in and say stupid, incendiary things like yeah, he didn't do anything. Really. That's a direct quote from the movie to that they used. Yeah, when he was not doing well. May just keep pushing him into working. Yeah, because that's how the money was coming in. And colonel was getting 50% of it. And no one was stopping it. And by the way, he was a reckless spender to a degenerate gambler. Of course in Vegas. Yeah, he was losing millions. In one night was at a craps table. They say in that box. That's how he signed a big contract. And that's how we got like, made. He got a lot of his debt canceled by the Vegas, like the Venetian or one of those. Yeah, yeah. On May 6 1977, three days after the end of that leg of the tour, he shot out a bedroom window and had to be sedated. Yeah. What do you mean by shot out? was shot with a gun? Oh, okay. As we kind of alluded to earlier, he was a gun enthusiast. He even presented President Nixon with a world war two era Colt 45 when they met in 1970. I remember that picture. Yeah, like a badge with them. Yeah, like he was deputized by Nixon to be like drugs are gonna be cool. Yeah, you're mixing Forrest Gump with Elvis. And we forgot to mention that Forrest Gump was the one who taught Elvis to wiggle Yeah, exactly. In the movie. Yeah. Which you know, some people say is a great movie a great movie. Some people say it's cancelable you know, not to be watched. But Howard rule your Black Panther Party. Well, Alex sockin thinks that that and clear and present danger are ever made ever made. Yeah. No comment. I mean, even Patriot Games, I think. My godfather, Elvis was known for shooting TV sets. He had hundreds of them. One of the stories is that this is my favorite thing. I brought it up already three times Robert goo Lai was performing guru lay TV. Elvis picked up the gun and shot the TV. And in an interview goo Lai later said the story is about me, but he really did that to everyone Sinatra. Oh, really? Yeah. I shot a lot of TVs with jealous of Robert Goulet. It was nothing personal. He just wanted to change the channel. Yeah, he was that crazy. I love that though. And they were replaced the TV. Yeah, so no hard feelings Yeah. next leg of the tour started in Knoxville on May 20 everyone's goal was just to get Elvis up on stage and get them to perform for the hour that he was slated for so that was the big push for every show is it's a group effort of like 30 people the hairdressers the producers every you know everyone involved just to get Elvis on stage and to get the show over with keep them just awake enough that you can perform for an hour kind of week two. Yeah. Going to see someone this big though and only seeing one hour. It's like if you're seeing like a legend, they better be on stage for three hours or I'm gonna be pissed. Are you serious? Right? Yeah. Happy with one hour. No, no at least what if? What if it's a solid one hour I saw Red Hot Chili Peppers. They did like just over an hour at SoFi stadium. I was furious. Oh my fury. When I saw red hot chili peppers in Madison in 2003. I fell asleep during the Encore. I saw that the tweeter Center at both after I could have saw them at Woodstock. 99. But I left. Yeah, but they did less than an hour there for sure. Yeah, they ran for their lives. Yeah. By the way, I was really stoned at that show. Hey, go not at Woodstock Madison. Yeah, after ginger left a tour to be with her family. Elvis was accompanied by his backup singer. on again off again girlfriend Kathy was Morlan. He complained to her about all sorts of things, including his place in history. Quote, they're not going to remember me. I've never done anything lasting. I've never done a classic film. But then he would perk up and say that his mission in life was to make people happy with music. And I'll never stop until the day I die. Well, that's Dr. Nick doing that. In Baltimore, he took an extended hiatus from the stage to pee later telling the audience you don't fool around with nature. Despite the baleen had to take a squeegee all the kernel made a deal for a CBS concert special was the app for it. That's what everyone was asking. adding to his woes further, Elvis became preoccupied with an upcoming towel book by his former body guards Sonny West and his cousin read. The book is called Elvis what happened? And it was being released that summer, harsh parts of it were already released in serial form in the UK. So ours was like thinking everyone's talking. These are not Memphis mafia or their former foreman. Vernon had fired them in 1976 as a cost cutting measure who gets fired in this operation. And Sunny and red West claimed that they wrote the book to get out of his help. Yeah, I know they were spilling salacious ones they really were just worried about him. Sure. They also got a good payday but yeah, like I knew they're gonna do our V and UFC, altruistic. Alvarez still enjoyed helping his friends out when he could. He had this friend George Klein, who was indicted for fixing a radio ratings Paul. So Elvis spoke to President Jimmy Carter for about 10 minutes on the phone. But Carter believed that Elvis was stoned and didn't really know what he was getting at Imagine. Besides that, he was pretty sure Elvis wanted him to pardon his friend who hadn't even been convicted of anything you sounds like a Trump conversation. If you're really good if you you know, we let this thing go. Yeah. So when Elvis called Jimmy Carter back the next day, it was not answered. Oh, on June 15, Elvis embarked on what was the fifth tour of the year, he appeared pale, swollen, exhausted, no one believed that he would be able to film the Colonel's television special the next day, the performance in Omaha was recorded and it confirmed everyone's worst fears. His voice was filled with uncertainty and he was unable to properly articulate or Project E bombs world used to have a clip of him on stage where he was forgetting the lyrics and mumbling to the audience. Sad. However, two nights later, in Rapid City, Iowa, he rallied somehow Elvis appeared healthier, like he had lost a little weight, and he sounded a lot better. At the end of the show. Elvis sat down at the piano with guitarist Charlie Hodge holding a mic up to his face, and he belted out a Syrian rendition of unchained malady. And we want to hear a little of that. Let's see. And this is the big set piece in the movie. Huh, I thought that was speed Hello. He sounds good. Sounds great and the feeling, you know? Yeah. So that was a surprise everyone. You've given it his all here even though he looks horrible and he smiles at the end. Yeah, incredulous that he was able to pull off that performance. Yeah, he's elated. I got a good little anecdote here in Madison, Wisconsin. On June 24, Elvis was being driven from the airport to the hotel when he spotted two young men ganging up on a gas station attendant, and it was late at night, he jumped out of the limo and struck a karate pose, offering to take on the two bullies pool. The young guys were stunned. They couldn't believe that Elvis was in front of them in a karate pose. And of course, tempers cooled, Elvis shook their hands and pose for pictures. Yeah. And there's a stone marker and Madison commemorating this event. Wow. Was he like, Hey, you guys got any sisters? His final concert took place in Indianapolis on June 2619 77. He brought a bunch of his friends and relatives with them. And he did an 80 minute set. So it's a little longer than an hour there. Kyle we go. still wouldn't be happy extra 24 Yeah. And he brought his father out on stage. And he almost didn't want to leave the stage. Like he felt like this is this is it? Yeah. Okay. Now we come to his last days. Oh, no. It was a hot Memphis summer. Despite showering ginger and her family with gifts and not showering himself, including jewelry, a sports car and offering to pay their mortgage. She refused to move into Graceland full time. Elvis and his entourage. The Memphis mafia. were isolated from the outside world not reading the papers or watching the news. Charlie hij. Billy and Joe Smith and Dr. Nick were now his closest confidants. He liked the work of others, like his security team, Sam Thompson and tick grab and his personal aide al strada, but he was not particularly close to any of them. Elvis also didn't trust his stepbrothers. Ricky and David Stanley, who were the ones running a lot of the day to day business. So this is a crazy situation. You trust no one. Yeah, exactly. And he's just a couple of people that he talks to for real. Yeah, very reclusive. Sometimes he would look at the security cameras of visiting friends and send word down that he was not feeling well enough to see them. He retreated to his room, Foley into his books. He loved to read. And then of course, all his medications. He became paranoid like Howard Hughes. But he was also not showering. Which is interesting. Did Howard Hughes shower I wonder while he was like a disgusting mess? Yeah, he was peeing in bottles. Yeah. Well, the way Leonardo DiCaprio depicted it, yeah, he was drinking and, you know, just naked, you know, not showered and he dreaded going to sleep. Elvis had this recurring nightmare where all his money and fans had vanished and he was all alone. Read in Sonny's book was released in July 1977. And it consumed them. He even came up with defensive retorts if audience members would heckle him, because he was paranoid. They were reading all this bad stuff in the book. Yeah, he was like, uh, you know what I'm gonna say if they say that it's like a roast battle. Yeah. He even fantasized about having the men killed. Oh, boy Sinatra style. Lisa Marie arrived for a two week visit on July 31. Lisa Marie, you remember right? Yeah. The players Yeah. Only child born the plan nine months to the day of their marriage. Yeah, restaurants. And Lisa Marie was going to stay until the tour resumed on August 16. That was when it was scheduled to resume and they would be starting in Portland, Maine and would ended in Memphis. 12 days later, Ginger got her brother Mike to bring his daughter Amber around to Graceland so that the little two girls could hang out together. They were around the same age. Some mornings Lisa Marie would wake up early and take her golf cart and run it up and down the drain. I've way Elvis even bought her a pony. And one day he led it into the mansion for a photo op, and they made a mess on the floor must have been a wild house that day of Graceland. Anytime anything goes on. It's like Billy Madison. Yeah. And it's run like RVs like Oh no. ATVs in the house. On August 7, they rented out Liberty land theme park after hours and stayed till dawn. Vernon hinted that he might join Alvis on the upcoming tour. And that made his son quite happy. When I was wanting to go out for a motorcycle ride. He tried out a new jumpsuit, but it didn't fit. He told his cousin Billy, I'm just too damn fat. Yeah, no shit. He would eat bacon tomatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy and sauerkraut. I'm actually gonna mix it all together. Sounds good. I'm surprised that tomatoes. Yeah, like someone mixed a vegetable in there like tomatoes. Really? Which one's not like the other? Yeah. And he would also chow down on gobs of cheeseburgers. Oh, yum, yum. Dr. Nick then put Elvis on a liquid protein diet in the days before they were scheduled to leave. And Elvis began an intermittent exercise program that included playing racquetball and riding the stationary bike for a few minutes every day. That's so randomly played racquetball? Yeah, well, he had a racquetball court there at Grace. Oh, really? Why would he build a racquetball court? It just doesn't seem congruent to being in Memphis. Why would he shoot TVs out? Yeah. Okay, fair enough. Cousin Bailey and his wife Joe. Notice that his mood had improved. On August 14 1977, the 19th anniversary of his mom's death. Elvis had flowers delivered to her grave. Of course, that's something he did about once a week since she died and he loved his mom. Yeah. Roll mama's boy. Yep.

Now we come to what I call last day. Elvis woke up around 4pm on August 15 1977. He sent for cousin Billy around 7pm Elvis wanted to see the new movie about General MacArthur starring Greg repack. So he gave Ricky the day to day guy got Pat and the job of trying to set up a screening but was disappointed when the theater couldn't come up with an available print. Okay, yeah, he had also heard that the movie wasn't as good as bad and so he didn't care that much. Yeah, Madden was a maze him. Then Elvis and Bailey watch TV for a while. Ginger joined them for his 10:

30pm dentist appointment with Dr. Hoffman. Elvis was kind of annoyed because he wasn't sure if ginger would be flying out with him or not. The following night. Billy helped Elvis get into his black D a sweat suit and leather boots, which could not be zipped up because his ankles were so swollen. Dr. Nick stopped by for a few minutes to check on how he was doing and stuck a pair of 40 fives into the waistband of his sweatpants. Elvis always carried. What Yeah, no joke. Dr. Nick is putting his waistband. Doctor's orders. Not your regular doctor. He's not your He's weird. Dr. Nick also bowed hundreds of 1000s of dollars from Elvis to pay off his house. Oh, really? Yeah. So Doctor Nick was just some guy around the neighborhood basically, who was a doctor? Yeah, who needed money and could get pills. Yeah, Dr. Feelgood Doctor slash armor? Yeah. Pill mill. They couldn't use them on the rest set. That's right. Yeah, make sure the bullets are in there for just in case some bad singer comes on the TV.

Yo. So at his office, Dr. Lester Hoffman cleaned out his teeth and filled two small cavities. Then he cleaned Ginger's teeth as well after encouragement from Elvis. He was in good spirits after the procedure, and Dr. Hoffman left him with some codeine tablets in case one of his teeth began bothering him of course, around 12:

30am They arrived back at Graceland. Elvis went upstairs without seeing anybody. He called down the road manager Joe Esposito about some last minute tour details and conferred with body guide Sam Thompson about taking Lisa back to California on a late afternoon commercial flight. Sam went home to get some sleep and Joe returned to his room at Howard Johnson's where hairstylists Larry Geller was also staying in anticipation of their departure for the tour later that day. Larry will was awakened by a call to bring over some of the new books that he had purchased. So that Alvis could get a look at them right away. Again acting like a kid. He wanted to see all these new books that had been bought for him. On top of the pile was a book called Scientific search for the face of Jesus, about the Shroud of Turin. Oh, nice. Alvis and ginger. were arguing as they usually did at the start of a tour. She said she would join him in no time, but couldn't fly out later that day, because she had cramps. She probably wanted nothing to do with this disgusting mess. Like she's like, imagine a young girl like that. Like they had nothing in common. What am I doing here? I don't even like this guy. He's a mess. He can't even like stand up. It wouldn't know what. How is this benefiting me? In any way? Well, you know, maybe money later on, possibly when he was giving her a lot of gifts then. Yeah, but still, I'm not sure that was her motive. I think she was just confused. What was she was she like a well known actress? No, no. She was like, kind of a middle inaccurate. Yeah, he thought maybe this would help her career. Maybe. I don't know. Yeah. Eventually Alvis, calm down. And they even started talking about marriage again, what? Possibly making an announcement at the end of the tour. While the mafia was like, you know, she wants to money. Maybe she does not want a prenup, and she wants to possibility here. She knows he's on the way out maybe. Yeah, I

mean that this could be a pay day. Yeah. Around 2:

15am Elvis called Dr. Nick to let him know that one of his teeth was bothering him. And he needed some dye loud ID Dilaudid Dilaudid that's some harshit Yeah, that's like the fentanyl of its day. Yeah. For cancer patient. I know people still take that stuff. I think Jason Robarge takes that in the movie magnolia. The Paul Thomas standards. Oh, yeah, that's fair. Like you're dying. Yeah. And you're in hospice. You just need to that some hardship pain to go Oh, you're just from the greater Boston area. Yeah, you just need some dialogue. Something to get me to Tuesday. Yeah, my cup is gonna give me another prescription on Tuesday. Hang me over. So Doctor Nick, prescribe six tablets and Alvis had Ricky Stanley pick up the prescription at the Baptist memorials all night pharmacy. I have Ricky grabbed a tightwad. Around 4am Elvis called Billy and Joe Smith to see if they wanted to play a little racquetball, even though their sleep was interrupted. They said, Sure. Imagine just having like some godlike character does does call you at all hours a night like this. Yeah, that would be I couldn't live like that. They threw on some clothes and walked over from the guest house. It had been raining on and off all evening, and it started up again as the four of them walked out to the racquetball building, which, besides the court house, the exercise equipment, a pinball machine and a piano. After Billy complained about the rain, Elvis said, I'll take care of it, and he held his hands up in the air, and the rain stopped. See, I told you he's declared godlike character. Ginger and Joe were playing for a little while before the guys finally took over. But Elvis quickly tired himself out. And soon the game degenerated into silly dodgeball with Elvis trying to hit Billy with every shot, he accidentally hit himself on the shin with his own racket and quit. I was lifted up his pant leg to reveal a welt and Billy joked that if unnamed bleedin it ain't hurtin, and they all laughed. Doesn't take much to get these guys going. Yeah, I don't know what sense of humor they have, but it's weird, and then Elvis threw his racket at him. Afterwards, Elvis sat at the piano in the lounge area and fooled around with a few numbers, ending with Willie Nelson's blue eyes crying in the rain. He fooled around with a few numbers that are mostly 13 and 14. This thing on below 18. Back to the mansion, Billy helped Elvis wash and dry his hair. While Elvis was eyeing the new books that Larry had brought over for him. He declared that this was going to be the best tour yet and repeated it like a mantra. Billy laughed at the same time, Ricki Stanley arrived with the first of three packets of prescription drugs, dubbed attack packs. So this is not even like the stuff that Dr. Nick was given before for the Teesta that's not even the tip of the iceberg. There's way more to come. So he was just like, fogged up 24/7. Kyle, do you want to take this list here who they consisted have

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